Our Mission is simple: to get back to work

Our aim is clear: to speak UP against LockDOWN

Our approach is practical: to gather support in the form of a petition to all  World Leaders to demand that they consider an alternative to LockDOWN


Working Shelter means that the majority return to work and school, whilst the high-risk groups are sheltered in appropriate care

We have two parameters:

Both Life and Livelihood

With those in mind, we honour four priorities:

Community, Immunity, Culture and Economy

We believe we must lift Lockdown to save both Life and Livelihood and preserve our Four Priorities. Lockdown is economically inviable and socially destructive. Working Shelter is a sustainable social  response to the virus

Please support our intention to get back to work by signing the petition here: 


The International Petition Against LockDOWN is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation

Watch Our Video to Understand Why We Petition Against LockDOWN

Let's Get Back To Work!

Speak UP against LockDOWN

Protect both Life AND Livelihood

Vote for

Working Shelter

Your Signature Counts

As a non-profit, non-partisan group, we have limited resources to support our goal to Get Back To Work. To help support the iPAL and your society, you can simply:

Sign and Share the Petition Against LockDOWN


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